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Elon Musk buying Twitter prompts some users to switch to Mastodon

Mastodon, an open-source and decentralized Twitter alternative, is gaining popularity as users seek out alternative social platforms in the wake of Elon Musk buying Twitter.


Twitter Blue launches with Ad-free Articles and premium features

Twitter completes the transition of Scroll to Ad-free Articles with the launch of Twitter Blue in the US, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia.

Twitter Blue

FTC warns they will seek significant civil penalties for fake reviews

The Federal Trade Commission has put companies, advertisers, retailers, consumer product companies, and advertising agencies on notice about deceptive practices online.

FTC Fake Ads

Twitter Blue’s ‘Ad-Free Articles’ to replace Scroll’s ad-free reading experience

Scroll notified its subscribers that it would shut down as an independent service within thirty days. They said Scroll is being added to the new Twitter Blue subscription service and renamed Ad-Free Articles.

Twitter plus Scroll

Twitter launches Professional Profiles ‘About Module’ for businesses

Twitter has finished testing Professional Profiles and has begun inviting select businesses to participate in an early preview of the new profile enhancement.

Twitter Map Pin

LinkedIn adds pronouns to Profiles

Timed with the start of the LGBTQ+ Pride Month, LinkedIn has added the option to include pronouns to Profiles.


Twitter testing ticketed Spaces

Ticketed Spaces will allow Twitter users to schedule live audio, sell tickets to access the stream, and limit attendance.

Twitter Ticketed Spaces

Signal and Clubhouse add payments features

Clubhouse Payments will use the Stripe gateway, while Signal will use MobileCoin, a cryptocurrency.


Facebook’s investment in newsletters confirms the future of data sales is owned media

Facebook is building a newsletter and website platform to compete with Twitter’s Revue acquisition and subscription newsletter services like Substack and MailerLite.

Facebook Newsletter and Site

Twitter updates two-factor authentication (2FA) to support multiple hardware security keys

Twitter accounts can now add several hardware security keys that are used for two-factor authentication on different devices.

Multiple Security Keys

Parler is back online with its web app but is still blocked by Apple and Google’s app stores

The Parler social network was dropped from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Apple's App Store, and Google Play in early January, but its web app is back online after finding a new hosting provider.


Facebook tries to outmaneuver Apple’s privacy pop-up with its own tracking prompt

Facebook will prompt users of its mobile app to opt-in to device tracking services prior to the Apple opt-in page that will ship with iOS 14.

Facebook tracking prompt

Twitter’s ‘bluesky’ releases Ecosystem Review of decentralized protocols and apps

The Bluesky initiative, a project focused on creating a decentralized social network backed by Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, shared a 61-page Ecosystem Review of viable protocols and apps.


Facebook adds support for uploading AVIF images

Chrome and Firefox users can now upload AVIF images to Facebook posts. Facebook automatically converts the AVIF images to JPEG format.

Facebook and AVIF

Updated: Tim Cook responds to Facebook’s attack ads against Apple’s App Tracking Transparency

Facebook paid for a full-page ad in the New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal that accuses Apple will reduce small business revenue by 60%.

Facebook vs. Apple

Twitter rolling out a feature that increases referral traffic by up to 40% for shared articles

The Twitter Communication team announced the success of a test that prompts users to read articles before they Retweet. They plan to make the feature available to everyone globally.

Twitter read article prompt

Facebook releases Rights Manager for Images

The tool will use image matching to protect copyrighted image content across the Facebook and Instagram platforms. Rights Manager for Images and the Creator Studio tool where it lives are intended for high-volume content creators and publishers.

Facebook Rights Manager for Images

Facebook announces Paid Online Events

Facebook Paid Online Events are available for qualifying Pages. Small business owners booking events through Facebook Pay on the web or Android will keep 100 percent of the event’s revenue for at least the first year of the program.

Facebook Paid Online Event

LinkedIn rolls out virtual events and poll features, giving brands new engagement opportunities

The company says it accelerated its product roadmap to help businesses connect with their communities online and at scale.


Facebook and Instagram launch COVID-19 resources as usage spikes, while others follow suit

Facebook and Instagram have launched new features to help with coronavirus pandemic relief efforts and reduce the spread of misinformation related to the outbreak.

Facebook coronavirus hub