Google replaces FLoC with ‘Topics’ for cookieless targeted advertising

Google abandons FLoC due to its lack of true federated learning and privacy controls. They are replacing it with Topics, an API that leverages browser history and provides users with more transparency and control.

Global Privacy Control

Google extends its 2% surcharge to ads served in India and Italy

The Regulatory Operating Cost will add 2% on top of all transactions for advertisers in these locations. But the surcharge may cause billing headaches for marketers.

Digital Service Taxes

Google gives marketers a reprieve on third-party cookies until 2023

Google's web browser will support third-party cookies until mid-2023 and phase them out at the end of 2023. The original deadline was the end of 2022.

Google Chrome

Things don’t look good for FLoC

The alternative to third-party cookies has been panned by privacy-focused companies. But cookies aren't dead.


FLoC and UID2 cookie alternatives are good for advertisers and publishers but not consumers

Proposed alternatives like Google's FLoC and The Trade Desk's UID2 aren't good for individual consumer privacy.

Flock of sheep

FTC to investigate whether ad-tech like real-time bidding is too invasive with our data

Recent reports have shown that apps and real-time bidding tools may have unrestrained access to location, demographic, and personal interest data. Federal legislators have called on the FTC to investigate the depth of data collected by technology and the potential for misuse by data brokers, government agencies, and tech companies.

Facebook to use yearly spend to determine Ads volume limits

The change will affect advertisers starting February 2021. Pages spending under $100K a month on Facebook Ads will be limited to showing 250 ads at a time.

Facebook for Business

Google Ads to pass on digital services tax (DST) to advertisers

Advertisers will be charged the fees on top of existing budgets beginning November 1, 2020. The new fees will affect ads shown in the UK, Austria, and Turkey.

Digital Services Tax

TikTok makes Business Ad Manager self-serve, but future of platform in U.S. remains uncertain

The company is offering $100 million in ad credits to support small and mid-sized businesses impacted by the pandemic.


Snapchat focuses on ad growth and engagement via ‘Snap Focus’ learning portal and Brand profiles

In addition to introducing coursework aimed at advertisers and agencies, the company is giving a select number of brands the ability to post permanent content.


LinkedIn gives brands new ways to target engaged audiences via its platform and Audience Network

LinkedIn advertisers can now run retargeting campaigns directed at users who have watched a video ad or opened a lead gen form.


Facebook opens access to new brand safety tools and launches a redesigned control hub

Publisher whitelists for Audience Network ads, content whitelists and enhanced delivery reports can be found within Facebook’s Business Manager platform.

Facebook Brand Safety

Google Partner Badge: The new timeline and what advertisers need to know

Google Ads' new Partner Badge requirements, which force advertisers to use Google's recommendations, will not go into effect until 2021.

Google Partner Badge

Facebook confirms advertisers will not be required to use Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO)

Last year, the company said all ad campaigns would eventually be migrated to the CBO platform, but Facebook now says CBO is an option, not a requirement.

Facebook for Business

Facebook Messenger policy update requires businesses to respond within 24-hours

At the beginning of March 2020, Facebook instituted new response time rules for businesses using Messenger. The policy changes coincided with record Messenger usage due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Facebook Messenger

COVID-19 makes Google Ads delay controversial changes to its Partners badge program until 2021

Agencies unhappy with the upcoming changes to the Google Partners badge program received a temporary reprieve from Google Ads. Google emailed its partners to inform them that the new changes were delayed until 2021 because of the impact coronavirus has had on businesses.

Google Partner Coronavirus

LinkedIn Conversation Ads: How they work and should advertisers use them

The new messaging-based ad format by LinkedIn, which is similar to Facebook Messenger Ads, allows advertisers to target prospects with personalized messages based on audience segments.

LinkedIn Conversation Ads

Is it Time to Get Your Brand on TikTok? A Quick Primer For Advertisers

TikTok was the second most downloaded app last year with 738 million installs, giving advertisers more reason to pay attention to the short-form video platform.


Analysts expect the 2020 election to generate over $1 billion in digital ad revenue

To keep ad campaigns running smoothly, political advertisers will need to stay informed on social media ad policy updates and verification processes.

Political Ad Spend

Digital ad industry braces for impact as coronavirus disease causes economic downturns

Industry experts forecast digital ad revenues to drop in the wake of the coronavirus, but no one can say the degree to which ad spend will be affected.