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Shopify upgrades Linkpop with new features

Several months after Shopify launched its ‘link in bio’ service, Linkpop, they’ve updated it with new customizations, support for multiple users, and added the Buy It Now feature to all product links.

Shopify Linkpop

Update: ‘Fast’ one-click frictionless checkout shutting down after less than two years

After capitalizing on Amazon’s expired 1-click patent, Fast is shutting down its frictionless one-click checkout service that could be used by practically any ecommerce store. They initially promoted the service as making the internet faster.


Shopify launches Linkpop, a ‘link in bio’ page with shoppable links

Brands with Shopify stores can now build free 'link in bio' pages for their social profiles with Linkpop. The new service integrates Shopify's secure checkout, and visitors can make purchases with only three clicks.

Shopify Linkpop

What is an NFT, and why should you care?

Think of NFTs like baseball cards, Beanie Babies, and something out of a dystopian novel. But, like, a fun one.


Shopify adds Amazon order tracking to Shop app

Shopify updated its Shop app tracking feature to include automatic tracking of Amazon orders.

Shopify Shop app adds Amazon orders

Is cryptocurrency a viable option for ecommerce stores?

Ecommerce stores can accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin for purchases through Paypal and Coinbase, but should they?

Bitcoin Credit Card

Facebook and Instagram now accept Shop Pay from Shopify

The social media apps are Shop Pay’s first appearances as a third party payments tool.

Shop App plus Instagram and Facebook

Squarespace announces ‘Member Areas’ for paywalled content

Member Areas can be used to put courses, webinars, white papers, and more behind a one-time or subscription paywall.


Shopify partners with TikTok for creator-friendly ecommerce tools

The ecommerce platform will connect to a TikTok For Business account where creators can build shoppable content and ads. This is the first shoppable partnership TikTok has made available to the general public.

Shopify partners with TikTok for Business

WooCommerce Payments now includes Subscriptions support

WooCommerce has added support for Subscriptions in WooCommerce Payments. The service is available as an add-on for $199 a year.


Shopify rolls out support for international domains and multiple languages with a focus on SEO

Shopify is helping online stores expand their presence into other countries and languages. The new international features are also optimized for search engines thanks to the automated creation of hreflang links and sitemaps.

Shopify International Domains

New ‘Facebook Shops’ enables SMBs to create ecommerce stores on Instagram and Facebook App

Businesses can now create mobile-first online stores that are accessible on Facebook App and Instagram. A unique feature of Facebook Shops is the ability to do Live Shopping, which enables stores to sell products during a live stream with influencers.

Facebook Shops

Shopify launches Shop app to better compete against Amazon

The new Shop app by Shopify consolidates stores into a cohesive shopping experience. Unlike its competitors, Shopify made the service only available as a native mobile app, which is reminiscent of Quibi’s recent launch.

Shopify Shop App

Shopify acquires 6 River Systems’ robotic army to strengthen their Fulfillment Network

Amazon may have more competition soon after Shopify’s acquisition of 6 River Systems, maker of cloud-based fulfillment software and mobile robots


Study correlates highest star review rating with lower revenue

Research conducted by Womply, a SaaS that provides reputation management tools, studied over 200,000 small businesses to determine how reviews affect their revenue. They found that small businesses with the highest average rating were reported as having lower revenue.


Shopify announces new design experience and other features at their Unite partner conference

The new design experience from Shopify enables more customizations, content portability, and a redesigned workspace.

Shopify Unite

New study reveals brand loyalty is taking the lead over individual purchases in ecommerce

The June State of Commerce Report by Shopify discovered a significant increase in online shoppers returning to make new purchases from the same store.

Shopify Report