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Updated: WordPress to improve plugin name checks to remove ‘WP’ trademark confusion

The WordPress Plugin Review Team is rejecting plugins that use WP in the name and slug. The messaging and code made it appear like a trademark issue, but it wasn't. A ticket has been created by a WordPress contributor to remove the confusion.

WP Trademark

New IBM patent uses IoT devices, eye-tracking, mics, and cameras to help make you a better writer

IBM was awarded a new patent that uses cognitive systems and invasive monitoring to improve writing composition via automated behavioral and content recommendations.

IBM Patent

Pixelmator Pro adds ‘Export for Web’ for the WebP image format

A much-anticipated feature, exporting optimized WebP images, is coming to the next version of Pixelmator Pro. The new feature will enable web designers and developers on macOS to switch from using JPG and PNG images to solely using the WebP image format for sites.

Pixelmator Pro

New YouTube ‘Video Chapters’ builds upon timestamp bookmarks

YouTube extended its timestamp bookmarks feature to enable Video Chapters for videos. The chapters are displayed on videos as individual clips, making it easier for viewers to identify and jump to different segments.

YouTube Video Chapters

Mozilla launches Firefox Better Web, a service that removes ads and tracking from news sites

Mozilla debuted a new subscription service with Scroll that provides an ad-free experience on partner sites and enhanced tracking protection with its Firefox web browser.

Firefox Better Web

Pixelmator Pro adds image upscaling that maintains clarity for enlarged pixelated images

The popular image editing app for macOS, Pixelmator Pro, added a featured called ML Super Resolution. The feature uses machine learning and a convolutional neural network to increase the size and resolution of raster images.

Pixelmator Pro ML Super Resolution

Podcast creation app, Descript, adds filler word detection and removal to audio editor

Leveraging its Lyrebird AI technology, Descript has added the ability to find ‘ums’ and ‘uhs’ in podcast transcriptions, and then seamlessly remove them from audio recordings.


Feedly is developing an AI tool to help its users prioritize articles from RSS feeds

Feedly is working on an artificial intelligence research assistant named Leo that can automatically analyze and personalize results from RSS feeds based on a user’s interests and behaviors.


Researchers use AI to identify content that’s been written by AI

OpenAI created a language model that can write copy so well that it's indistinguishable from a human-written text. Now researchers from Harvard and the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab have created a method to identify AI-generated copy that also uses AI.

Robot Paper Shrug

Firefox Ad-free Internet is a rebrand of Scroll that picks up where Google Contributor left off

Firefox Ad-free Internet is considered a direct competitor to Apple News+ but it's more akin to Google Contributor and has the potential to upend traditional revenue models for publishers by shutting out advertisers.

Firefox Ad-Free

Rev opens up early access to its automated speech to text transcription service

Audio and video content creators, especially podcasters, will be interested in Rev's new automated transcription service if they're short on time.

Rev Logo