SugarCRM acquires AI software company Node Inc.

SugarCRM is investing in the connective intelligence power of Node Inc. to bring CRM-focused AI to its CX platform, which includes sales CRM, marketing automation, and customer service modules.

SugarCRM is a sales, marketing, and customer service platform that helps companies connect with customers and prospects through its “time aware” tools. In a press release dated August 24, 2020, SugarCRM announced the acquisition of Node Inc. to improve the CRM platform’s ability to predict customer behaviors. 

Node Inc. provides a platform for companies to build custom artificial intelligence tools based on their CRM data. Node Inc. raised a $6 million funding round in April 2020, which shows investor confidence in the software’s capabilities. 

In the press release, SugarCRM highlighted the improvements the acquisition will bring to the platform. In addition to run-of-the-mill sales prediction tools like churn identification and lead scoring, Node’s AI tools also promise improvements in revenue attribution and increased accuracy for service case routing.

Focusing on ‘high definition customer experience’

SugarCRM recently changed its messaging to focus on what it calls “high definition customer experience (HD-CX).” The new branding is meant to encompass the platform’s existing tools while highlighting the new data-driven offerings. In April of 2020, the company released Sugar Integrate, a connective tool that lets SugarCRM customers connect their data from over 200 other software options or build their own integrations.

Node’s AI-as-a-service tool can quickly spin up predictive data models from all of that sales, marketing, and customer service data. The pairing gives SugarCRM’s platform the missing link between customer data and sales action.

SugarCRM and other sales performance software companies that employ AI—like Salesforce, Oracle, or SAP—simplify business analysis by aggregating sales and marketing signals and suggesting next steps directly to the sales teams. As the demand for predictive insights and greater data connectivity grows, even among small businesses, we will likely see more niche business tools acquire and partner with AI and business intelligence startups.

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