Stack Overflow Raises Series E Funding for Teams Product

Stack Overflow raised $85 million in Series E funding for its Teams knowledge management product following a strong first two years of growth. Investor and consumer interest shows how digital work has changed knowledge management needs for many companies.

As more companies adapt to the remote and distributed workforce models, the “drive-by” desk meeting has been replaced by the Slack DM “quick question.” Both of these communication types are abysmal methods of community knowledge sharing that breed gatekeepers and silo information. Stack Overflow—and the investors that amassed its $85 million in Series E funding—believe there should be a better way. Stack Overflow promises to use the funds to further improve its free community product and the paid Teams knowledge management solution. 

First released two years ago, the Teams product gives companies a centralized record of technical questions and answers, and has the potential to be used to document policies across departments from invoicing requirements to time off request processes.

Teams is available in three tiers priced per user per month and billed annually. The Basic plan is $6 per user per month, Business is $12 per user per month, and Enterprise is a custom price based on need.

Centralized knowledge management

Stack Overflow for Teams mimics the question and answer format of the Stack Overflow developer and niche community sites to organize company information outside of one-to-one direct messages, policy guides, or wikis. Employees can search for the answers to their questions and post questions of their own without interrupting their colleagues’ workflows. 

Each of these interactions is gamified with badges to promote information sharing and further interactions. Individual contributors that might not share their knowledge on a company-wide video call can provide answers and gain reputation points that reward communication. 

The product also integrates with existing communication systems like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Jira, and GitHub, and offers an API for enterprise buyers to connect their platforms of choice. 

Investment in community

The funding deepens the Stack Overflow brand’s investment in community connections. The free Q&A site fosters community among developers from around the world. Other Stack Overflow products Talent and Advertising give companies direct access to niche, engaged audiences. The Teams product brings that same connectedness to companies that have complex technology questions that would benefit from a private centralized record of institutional knowledge. 

The tools also follow the trend toward permanently remote and distributed workforces, a trend that was accelerated by the global pandemic. More than ever, companies need tools that connect their workers while preserving focused production time uninterrupted by video calls or Slack notifications.

Tamara Scott is a writer and content strategist based in Nashville. With a background in English education, she plans and writes clear, instructive content for marketers and technology users of all skill levels. Follow @t_scottie