Twitter rolling out a feature that increases referral traffic by up to 40% for shared articles

The Twitter Communication team announced the success of a test that prompts users to read articles before they Retweet. They plan to make the feature available to everyone globally.

Twitter read article prompt
Prompt displayed when a Twitter user attempts to retweet a tweet with an article

The Twitter Support team announced on June 10, 2020, they were testing a new prompt to encourage users to read articles mentioned in tweets before retweeting them.

Sharing an article can spark conversation, so you may want to read it before you Tweet it.

To help promote informed discussion, we’re testing a new prompt on Android –– when you Retweet an article that you haven’t opened on Twitter, we may ask if you’d like to open it first.

@TwitterSupport tweet

A few months later, on September 24, 2020, the Twitter Communication team tweeted about the success of the test and stated they were “working on bringing these prompts to everyone globally soon.” They shared two results that will interest content marketers.

  1. CTR increased 40% – Twitter discovered that “people open articles 40% more often after seeing the prompt.”
  2. Increase in informed tweeting –  They found that 33% more people opened the article before retweeting if they saw the prompt. The percentage discrepancy between items one and two is because some of the people that clicked on the link decided against retweeting it.

While this feature improves the relevance and intent of what’s retweeted – an improvement for Twitter as a conversational platform – it’s also a win for content marketers looking to increase referral traffic and page views. According to Twitter’s findings, social media marketers should expect a significant increase in visits for tweets with articles that get high engagement when the prompt is used.

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