Twitter launches Professional Profiles ‘About Module’ for businesses

Twitter has finished testing Professional Profiles and has begun inviting select businesses to participate in an early preview of the new profile enhancement.

Twitter Map Pin

Twitter previewed Professional Profiles at its Analyst Day in late February earlier this year. Then, in April, they followed up the preview with an initial test of the business profiles. In mid-September, the Twitter Professional Profiles Team announced the launch and slow rollout of the new feature to businesses.

The Twitter Professional Profiles Team emailed select business profiles with a request to nominate their business. The message stated that “Professional Profiles are launching first with the About Module, and we are inviting some businesses like yours to take part in this early feature preview.”

The nomination process requires filling out a form with basic business details, including the business type, contact information, and hours of operation. Businesses that are selected for the early preview of Professional Profiles are sent an email message congratulating them. The message also requests that they confirm the details they submitted.

Email sent to businesses approved for Twitter Professional Profiles About Module

After confirming the Professional Profiles details, it takes a couple of days to go live on the profile. The Twitter Professional Profiles Team will notify the business via email once it does go live.

The About Module can only be viewed using the official Twitter app for mobile devices but is expected to be added to Twitter’s desktop and web apps after the early feature preview has been completed. The module displays the exact details submitted and approved by Twitter, but it doesn’t show the business category.

The About Module for @coywolf via Twitter for iOS

Tapping on the map pin icon displays a menu for the compatible map apps on the device.

Tapping the map icon displays map app options

Future features of Professional Profiles are expected to include business verification badges, ecommerce capabilities, App Store links, and more. The Professional Profiles will make it possible for businesses to engage more deeply with users and provide a new alternative to Facebook Pages.

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