Twitter Blue’s ‘Ad-Free Articles’ to replace Scroll’s ad-free reading experience

Scroll notified its subscribers that it would shut down as an independent service within thirty days. They said Scroll is being added to the new Twitter Blue subscription service and renamed Ad-Free Articles.

Twitter plus Scroll

Scroll is a paid service that hides ads on several popular news sites and is similar to Google’s short-lived service, Contributor.

Scroll was founded by Tony Haile, former CEO of Chartbeat, in 2016, the same year Google Contributor shut down. After a couple of rounds of funding and a partnership with Mozilla, they were acquired by Twitter in May 2021.

Subscribers of Scroll were emailed a message on October 5, 2021, stating that the service was ending in thirty days and was slated to become a feature of the Twitter Blue subscription service.

Hi there,

As part of our acquisition by Twitter, Scroll’s ad-free reading experience will eventually become Ad-Free Articles as part of Twitter Blue, Twitter’s new premium subscription service. This means Scroll will shut down as an independent service in approximately 30 days.

If you’re not already on Twitter, it’s where you can stay on top of the news and what’s happening. Sign up and also subscribe to Twitter Blue when available to continue to read fast-loading, ad-free articles, while supporting journalism on your favorite sites.

Already on Twitter? With a Twitter Blue subscription, you’ll get the ad-free experience you’ve come to enjoy and also unlock exclusive tools to help you get news without the noise, customize your Twitter experience, and gain early access to features before anyone else.

Thank you so much for all your support and feedback. We’re excited to scale the experience of a better internet to more sites and build Twitter Blue into something you’ll love.

We’ll send another email with more details in the coming weeks. If you have any questions in the meantime, we’d love to hear from you— just Tweet to @TwitterBlue.


The Scroll Team

📧 Email sent to Scroll subsribers

The thirty-day timeframe for sunsetting Scroll suggests that Twitter Blue could be launching in the US soon, which would be an ideal transition for Scroll subscribers.

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