Twitter updates two-factor authentication (2FA) to support multiple hardware security keys

Twitter accounts can now add several hardware security keys that are used for two-factor authentication on different devices.

Multiple hardware security keys
Twitter now supports multiple hardware security keys

Twitter added support for hardware security keys in 2018, but it was only made available for desktop computers. In December 2019, they added security key support to iOS and Android, but the hardware-based two-factor authentication (2FA) option still had an annoying limitation; it only supported a single security key. Users couldn’t associate multiple security keys with a single Twitter account, which meant people who use different keys on different devices had to rely on other 2FA methods to log into Twitter. That limitation was removed today with Twitter’s announcement that they now support multiple hardware security keys per account.

Secure your account (and that alt) with multiple security keys. Now you can enroll and log in with more than one physical key on both mobile and web. And coming soon: the option to add and use security keys as your only authentication method, without any other methods turned on.

The update was welcome news for people with multiple security keys that access Twitter on different devices.

Using multiple security keys has become a common practice because it provides additional security benefits for people that use more than one device. For example, if a security key or a device with a security key attached to it is stolen, the key can be removed from the account, but all other associated keys and devices can still be used. It also allows people to use the best security key form factor for each device.

Yubico keys
Yubico hardware security keys

Twitter has instructions on adding new security keys to accounts. It’s located in Settings > Security and account access > Security > Two-factor authentication. Each key can named to help you remember which device it belongs to.

Manage security keys in Twitter
Add and manage multiple security keys in Twitter

In the announcement, Twitter also said they will soon be adding the option to add and use security keys as your only authentication method, without any other methods turned on.

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