LinkedIn reveals how its social feed works so marketers can take more advantage of its platform

Pete Davies, Senior Director of Product Management at LinkedIn, shared insights into how their social feed's algorithm displays and promotes posts. Coywolf News asked Lyena Solomon, an SMM experienced with optimizing for LinkedIn, to clarify best practices for the Feed.

Pete Davies, Senior Director of Product Management at LinkedIn, recently published an article entitled, “What’s in your LinkedIn Feed.” In the article, he discussed how the Feed generally works and provided some tips and best practices for optimizing the performance of social posts.

LinkedIn Feed Optimization

While it’s always helpful to read optimization tips and best practices directly from a social network, it usually doesn’t tell the entire story. Like SEO, the best social marketing advice comes from people that research and do SMM for a living. That’s why I reached out to Lyena Solomon, Director of Localization at ServiceNow.

I asked Lyena four questions to clarify what Pete Davies wrote and to provide a better idea of how to approach SMM on LinkedIn.

How does LinkedIn engagement differ from Facebook and Twitter?

LinkedIn communities are professional. You share job-related posts, discuss company cultures, help, and mentor people. Facebook is for personal connections. If you are connected on Facebook with your Mom, it is expected. In contrast, LinkedIn connection with your Mom is not expected at all. Twitter is more for sharing immediate news, discussions of events happening at the moment, and chat. It is truly immediate sharing.

Do think LinkedIn’s algorithm rewards profiles that post more often?

I think LinkedIn’s algorithm is smarter than rewarding members only for the frequency of posts. It looks like to me that it’s rewarding engagement with posts. If you post more relevant posts frequently and your network reacts to them, you will be rewarded.

For the best engagement should a profile publish native articles instead of posts?

Native articles are only interesting when they are original. It’s hard to be original and relevant all the time. Posts referencing other articles are also great if the poster shares an opinion that is relevant.

Compared to Facebook and Twitter, how important is it to post to LinkedIn?

It’s important to post on LinkedIn to keep you connected with your network. Everyone should be always looking to recruit good people to grow the business. LinkedIn is great for staying in touch with potential hires.

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