Is Facebook killing off organic reach on Instagram?

Agencies are becoming increasingly concerned that Instagram might be quietly removing organic reach from brands.

A recent report by John McCarthy of The Drum says that agencies are concerned that Facebook is killing organic reach on Instagram. He said that scores of Instagram users and agencies recently took to the social network to voice concerns over a sudden dip in engagement on their posts.

The perceived drop in organic reach may be the result of more brands taking advantage of Instagram’s advertising opportunities. I’ve seen an increase in the number of ads that I see in my feed, which might be diluting the number of organic results I’m used to seeing from brands.

McCarthy said that Facebook told The Drum that they hadn’t made any changes, but the agencies voicing concerns aren’t convinced. A marketer at Hue and Cry agency, Alex Micu, said:

My feeling is they are completely culling organic reach and pushing their ads.

They have a good reason to be concerned about Instagram changing their organic reach because that’s what Facebook did. And as Facebook feels more pressure from shareholders to monetize Instagram better, putting ads before organic reach is a case of when not if.

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Jon Henshaw

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