Facebook releases Rights Manager for Images

The tool will use image matching to protect copyrighted image content across the Facebook and Instagram platforms. Rights Manager for Images and the Creator Studio tool where it lives are intended for high-volume content creators and publishers.

Facebook Image Rights Manager

Facebook will now allow creators to apply for image protection on the Facebook and Instagram platforms through the Rights Manager for Images within the Creative Studio tool. The Rights Manager tool was originally released in 2016 to help producers monitor their video content to combat freebooting and intellectual property theft on the Facebook social media platform. 

Page Admins can submit image and video content that they’d like to protect to the Rights Manager, which builds a library of original content within Creator Studio. The Creator Studio library dashboard also shows views and engagement levels for each piece of content and speeds uploads into the Facebook or Instagram feeds.

Facebook uses the creators’ libraries to understand image ownership on their platforms. The monitoring tools let creators identify trusted partners, review unauthorized publication of their materials, and submit infringement notices to Facebook for review.

Improving publication tools for high-volume creators

Facebook has steadily improved upon and added more tools that support independent creators and publishers on their platforms. The Creator Studio was first released as a desktop tool in 2018, and it got off to a rocky start with buggy features and downtime that frustrated publishers. Facebook then released a mobile version in 2020. The latest update puts the aggregated creator information from these tools to good use by identifying and protecting original images.

Facebook has also stated that the Creator Studio and Rights Manager tools aren’t helpful for everyone. Teams that rarely post or don’t manage a large amount of content on the networks may find the tools are too much for their needs. These creators should submit intellectual property violations through the IP Infringement form.

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