Schema Markup Validator launches, replacing Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool

Google will be deprecating its Structured Data Testing Tool soon. Its replacement, the Schema Markup Validator, quietly went live as a beta version.

Schema Markup Validator

The Structured Data Testing Tool by Google is a popular web app used by SEOs and webmasters to debug and validate structured data. In July 2020, Google announced that they would be deprecating the tool in favor of their Rich Results Test. The news was not well received because the Rich Results Test is severely limited in scope and utility.

Several months later, on December 15, 2020, Google announced that they would be keeping the tool but moving it to a new domain because of the feedback they received.

To better support open standards and development experience, we’re refocusing the Structured Data Testing Tool and migrating it to a new domain serving the community by April 2021.

Ryan Levering, Google Search Engineering

On the same day as Google’s announcement, Dan Brickley, Developer Advocate at Google, and the person that runs shared an email message and GitHub repository describing plans to remove the Google branding from the tool and to move it to

The intent is to rework it into a vendor-neutral tool that can continue to serve as a markup syntax checker for JSON-LD, Microdata, RDFa as used by the communities around Although it could live on its own independent domain, it would make a great addition to the site, and I would like to proceed in that direction in 2021, as part of Google’s long-term commitment to hosting the site and keeping it relevant for users.

Dan Brickley, email message sent to Mailing List, Tom Marsh at Microsoft, Stéphane Corlosquet at Acquia, Yuliya Tihohod at Yandex, R.V. Guha at Google, Nicolas Torzec at Oath

On May 10, 2021, it was unofficially revealed on Twitter that was live. Brickley responded to one of the tweets that announced it, stating, Well spotted, though I was going to announce it after some documentation tweaks! Consider yourselves early adopters.

The new Schema Markup Validator if virtually identical to Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.

Example of Schema Markup Validator
Schema Markup Validator looks and functions similar to the Google Structured Data Testing Tools

While the tool is marked as beta, SEOs and webmasters can start using the tool now.

Update from Ryan Levering

Shortly after this article was published, Dan Brickley tweeted a link to the official announcement for the launch of the new Schema Markup Validator. Ryan Levering wrote the blog post, and he stated that this new version of the tool is simpler than the previous version.

[Schema Markup Validator] is simpler than its predecessor [Structured Data Testing Tool] SDTT because it is dedicated to checking that you’re using JSON-LD, RDFa and Microdata in widely understood ways, and to warning you if you are using types and properties in unusual combinations. It does not try to check your content against the information needs of specific services, tools or products (a topic deserving its own blog post). But it will help you understand whether or not your data expresses what you hope it expresses, and to reflect the essence of your structured data back in an intuitive way that reflects its underlying meaning.

Dan Brickley, “Announcing Schema Markup Validator: (beta)” on the Schema Blog

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