Google Search adds author markup best practices

In response to publishers improperly using the Schema structured data author type on articles, Google Search has published new author markup best practices.

Schema structured data is a vocabulary created by Google to help disambiguate content and entities for its search engine. Publishers use it to define article details and attributes, and a vital component of that structured data is author schema.

As more publishers add Schema structured data to their articles, Google has discovered that some developers aren’t structuring the data correctly. The most recent issue is with the author type. Those issues have prompted the Google Search team to publish new best practices for author markup.

The most significant issues Google found with author markup were:

  1. improperly merging multiple authors into the same author field
  2. not including enough details about the author
  3. not using the correct Schema type (Person) for the author

Here are examples of properly formatted author markup based on Google’s newly published best practices.

Best practice markup for a single author

Best practice markup for multiple authors

Using the correct implementation of the author markup will help Googlebot correctly parse and use details about each article’s author(s). It can also influence Google to display the author’s name in a rich result.

Article rich result
Google Search can use author to display the author’s name in rich results

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