Google recommends author page URL be added to ‘Article’ Schema structured data

Google updated its Schema-based structured data recommendations to include linking to an author’s bio page to help it disambiguate the correct author for an article.

Author Schema example

Eliminating ambiguity in page content can increase Google’s confidence in its topic relevance and result in better visibility on Google Search. Using structured data is one of the methods webmasters use to disambiguate content for Google Search. Google is now recommending that publishers include a link to the author’s page in the Article structured data to help it remove doubt about who the author of an article is.

August 2021: Added a new recommended author.url property to the Article structured data documentation. The url property helps Google disambiguate the correct author of the article.

Google Search Central major documentation updates

The author property has always been recommended for use with the Article type, which means webmasters will only need to append the Person type with the url property. Here’s an example of how Coywolf News includes the url property for article authors.

If there are multiple authors for an article, webmasters will need to use a JSON array to list all of the authors and links to their bio pages.

Additionally, if an author has a website or Wikipedia entry, publishers may want to consider using the sameAs property to further disambiguate the author for Google.

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