Google leveraging AMP to help its visitors from accidentally leaving Google and using the Back button

Google announced the launch of a new feature in its Image Search that helps publishers help Google visitors not leave Google by using AMP.

Assaf Broitman, Product Manager for Image Search at Google, announced on the Webmaster Central Blog that they are now helping publishers and users get more out of visual searches on Google Images with AMP. Broitman described the feature as a way to help people explore, learn and do more through visual search.

An important element of visual search is the ability for users to scan many ideas before coming to a decision, whether it’s purchasing a product, learning more about a stylish room, or finding instructions for a DIY project. Often this involves loading many web pages, which can slow down a search considerably and prevent users from completing a task.

The new feature helps publishers by helping users view pages from many websites without ever having to leave Google. This will increase the number of pages from different publishers that a user sees. It’s designed for quick access to a publisher’s content so the user doesn’t get lost on a publisher’s site having to view ads, read more content, and be forced to use their Back button.

AMP Image Search
Example of AMP in Google Image Search

No publishers could be reached before the publication of this article for a quote about how thankful they were for this new feature.

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