Google adds online product highlights by expanding use of ‘Pros and cons’ structured data

The Schema properties used for pros and cons in Reviews – positiveNotes and negativeNotes – have been expanded for use with online products. Google requested the change to enable them to understand better the products that are sold online.

On August 5, 2022, Google announced new Pros and cons Schema structured data that could be added to editorial product reviews. Publishers were incentivized to add the properties to its Review structured data because it increases the chance that Google Search will display pros and cons in their rich results.

Shortly after Google’s announcement, Coywolf Reviews added the new structured data to its reviews. The site saw the ‘Pros and cons’ list appear on its search snippets within days of adding the new structured data.

Google Search rich result with Pros and cons
Pros and cons displayed on a Google rich result for a Level Bolt review

Around the same time pros and cons were announced in August, Alex Jansen, a software engineer at Google, requested Schema add the ability for ecommerce sites to include product highlights. Dan Brickley, a developer advocate at Google that also maintains Schema, proposed leveraging the same properties used for pros and cons, positiveNotes and negativeNotes, for product highlights. The two agreed to proceed with Brickley’s proposal, and the update was included in Version 15.0 of Schema on October 25, 2022.

Online stores can now include product highlights using the same structured data used for pros and cons in reviews. Aside from helping Google Search better understand online products, they will likely announce the addition of product highlights in rich results in the future, just as they did for review pros and cons. It’s also possible that Google will further broaden its use of positiveNote and negativeNote because Jansen said that Google might eventually consider expanding its use beyond Product and Review structured data.

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