Google adding “Fast page” label to Chrome browser

Google is utilizing Core Web Vitals to label web pages as fast in the next version of its Chrome browser.

Core Web Vitals aren’t supposed to become a ranking factor until 2021, but Google is already incorporating them into the browsing experience. When Chrome version 85 is released, it will apply the label “Fast page” to links on web pages.

The label appears on a menu when a user does a long-press on a link. It only displays when a destination page is considered fast based on Core Web Vitals and real-world data from Chrome users. However, if a page is considered fast by Core Web Vitals, but there isn’t enough real-world data for the page, it won’t display the label.

Fast page label
Chrome 85 will have “Fast page” label when a user long-presses a link

The label is likely a taste of how Google will be incorporating Core Web Vitals into Google Search. It’s highly probable that Google will use a label or icon to denote fast pages, similar to what they do now for AMP pages. I also predict that sites will be told that more searchers click on results that have a fast symbol, and therefore they’ll need to score “Good” on Core Web Vitals, or they may not rank as well. I think that presupposition will age well come next year.

For now, the label will be limited to Chrome users that are in Lite mode (an Android-only feature) or have “Make searches and browsing better” turned on (a setting that sends URLs of pages you visit to Google).

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