Site analysis of 150k SMBs reports Yelp in 92% of local SERPs but GMB still dominates

The study identified potential trust signals for local SEO and also revealed that Yelp continues to have the most visibility in organic local results.

Adam Doppelt, Founder at Fresh Chalk, analyzed 150,000 SMB sites to help determine what gives the top performing sites their edge in local SEO. In the first part of his SMB site teardown series, Doppelt published key findings that included the use of noindex, mentioning the BBB, and Yelp’s dominance in organic local SERPs.

Yelp dominates organic but can’t beat GMB

Organic SERPs aren’t what they used to be. Yelp’s dominance in organic local SERPs sounds impressive, but it’s not when you realize GMB pushes them well down below the fold.

Yelp SERPs
GMB still dominates local SEO – SERP for desktop on left, mobile on right

Coywolf asked Doppelt about the impact GMB has on Yelp’s organic results and he stated, Google’s strategy is simple. Plaster Google links above the search results while the rest of us fight it out for scraps down below. He doesn’t think it’s all doom and gloom though. He said, there’s still an opportunity to dominate the SERPs, even as Google eats into the overall traffic sent to that part of the page.

Even so, the big question is how much opportunity. Especially as GMB continues to add new features and push results by competitors further down the page.

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