What formats does Kindle support?

Not every ebook format works with Kindle. Here are all the supported formats and how you can convert unsupported ebook formats to a native Kindle format.

Kindle Reader
Kindle Oasis and Paperwhite e-ink readers

Updated May 5, 2022: Amazon adds Send to Kindle support for EPUB and drops support for MOBI and AZW.

Several years ago, I found an ebook online that used the EPUB format when I got my first Kindle. I wanted to download it, but I first needed to verify if Kindle supported it. It ended up that it didn’t support it, but it was possible to convert it to Amazon’s MOBI format.

In 2022, Amazon discontinued support for its MOBI and AZW formats but added support for EPUB, sort of. Existing MOBI and AZW files will be converted to the KF8 (.azw3) format but can no longer be emailed or sent to a Kindle library. EPUB files can be emailed or sent to a Kindle library, but they will be automatically converted to KF8 files.

Supported Kindle Formats

These are all of the file formats you can use on a Kindle in 2022.

If you have an ebook format that Kindle doesn’t support, you can usually convert it to a compatible format if it’s not protected by digital rights management (DRM). For example, you can convert an unsupported ebook format to Amazon’s KF8 (.azw3) format using Kindle Create, Calibre, or Convertio.

How families can manage their ebooks with multiple Kindles and devices

People who read books on Kindle naturally tend to buy most of their ebooks from Amazon.com. They also get handed down to other family members, and before you know it, there are multiple Kindles within a single household. Fortunately, Amazon makes it easy to manage digital content for the entire family.

Kids reading Kindles
Parents can control what kids read on a Kindle reader

Amazon provides a feature called Family Library. It allows books to be shared between two adult accounts, and children can be added as child profiles as part of an adult’s account. The ‘Manage Your Household’ page is located at amazon.com/myh/manage.

Manage your Household on Amazon.com
Parents can manage Kindle ebooks with Amazon.com’s ‘Manage your Household’ feature

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