Speedtest VPN adds paid tier and now supports iPadOS

Ookla ended beta testing of its Speedtest VPN and added a $4.99/mo unlimited data plan. The newest release now supports iPadOS in addition to iOS and Android.

Speedtest VPN

The popular internet speed testing tool, Speedtest, quietly added a VPN to its iOS app in December 2019. The VPN was labeled as a beta and was offered for free. Five months later, Ookla, the maker of Speedtest, has taken the VPN out of beta, added a paid plan, and now supports iPads.

The VPN and its new paid plan are reminiscent of Cloudflare’s Warp+ VPN service. They both have a similar design, provide unlimited data, and cost $4.99/mo.

Speedtest VPN compared to Cloudflare Warp VPN
Speedtest’s VPN looks similar to Cloudflare’s Warp+ VPN in iPadOS

The main difference between the two services is that Warp+ utilizes Cloudflare’s Argo Smart Routing. Since Argo can increase the speed of the sites they visit by up to 30%, it’s likely informed consumers would choose Warp+ over Speedtest.

Both services are limited to mobile devices running iOS, iPadOS, and Android. They’re meant to be an easy-to-use VPN for protecting users on public WiFi networks. If users want a VPN that works on all devices, including desktop computers, their best choice will be a multi-platform service like Encrypt.me.

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