Popular bookmark manager, Raindrop.io, adds highlights and annotations for websites

Raindrop.io added a new feature to its browser extension that makes it possible to highlight text and leave notes on any web page.

Raindrop.io Highlights feature

Raindrop.io, a cross-platform bookmark management app that’s popular with designers and developers, released a new feature that enables users to highlight and annotate web pages. The highlighting feature is built into its browser extension, desktop and web apps, and will soon be available in its iOS and Android apps.

How to highlight and annotate text on a web page

When the Raindrop.io browser extension is installed, selecting text on any web page will display a highlight and annotation option. Hovering over the highlight option presents four highlight colors. Clicking on any of the colors will highlight the text with that color.

Raindrop.io highlight options
Choosing a highlight color on a web page using Raindrop.io’s browser extension

Additionally or alternatively, clicking the annotation option will display a small modal window to enter notes.

Raindrop.io annotation example
Leaving a note on a web page using Raindrop.io’s Highlights feature

The new feature conveniently adds the web page as an unsorted bookmark in the background after the text is highlighted or a note is entered.

How to find and view web page highlights and annotations

In the desktop or web app (and soon mobile app) there is a new option in the side menu under Filters named Highlights. Clicking on Highlights will reveal any highlight and annotation you’ve made on a web page.

Accessing Highlights in Raindrop.io
Viewing highlights and annotations in the Raindrop.io app

The highlighting feature is available to Free accounts, and leaving notes requires a Pro account.

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