Neeva makes invites available and adds Slack integration

The ad-free, privacy-first, and highly personalized search engine, Neeva, provided current users with invite links and added the ability to search Slack workspaces.


Neeva is a Google Search alternative that is free of ads, is privacy-first, and has unique personalized search features. For the past year, gaining access to Neeva required a special invitation and an onboarding process via Zoom with a Neeva employee. It’s a process I went through in January, and it’s what enabled me to do a first-look review of Neeva (after getting permission, of course).

Neeva has now made invitation links available to all current early access accounts. I have one of those accounts, which means you can use this invitation link to sign up for a Neeva account right now (if you live in the US).

Neeva adds more connected apps

Part of what makes Neeva so personalized is its third-party integration. During the private beta, accounts could connect to Dropbox, Google, and Office 365. The integration made it possible to search files and Paper docs from Dropbox, and email messages, files, documents, calendars, and contacts from Google and Office 365.

In an email newsletter sent to Neeva users, they announced the addition of Slack and GitHub. They also stated they would be adding Box, Figma, Atlassian (Jira and Confluence), and Notion soon too.

When you add connected apps, items from those services become integrated into the search results. Users can also click on the Personal tab to only display results from connected apps. The screenshot below is what my results looked like with Dropbox and Slack connected to my account.

Neeva connected app search
Searching personal files, docs, and messages from Dropbox and Slack in the Neeva search engine

As I stated in my Neeva review, There’s a lot to like about Neeva and it’s the best search engine UX I’ve ever used. While I continue to use Google as my primary search engine, Neeva is starting to replace it for web development searches and when I need to search for files and messages for a particular project. Overall, I appreciate the ad-free, private, and personalized search experience over Google and other ad-supported search engines.

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