Mozilla VPN extends data protection tool set to full devices

The $4.99 per month VPN protects up to 5 Android and PC devices, with iOS, Mac, and Linux versions promised soon. Mozilla partnered with Mullvad VPN and WireGuard for this comprehensive security coverage.

Mozilla has publicly released its new VPN service from a private beta. It encrypts network activity for full Android and PC devices, doesn’t store activity logs, and hides IP addresses. The Mozilla VPN’s iOS version remains in beta, with Mac and Linux versions coming soon. The introductory price is $4.99 a month, and includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

In addition to its security features, the Mozilla VPN offers no bandwidth restrictions and can be installed on up to five personal devices. The service is currently offered for individuals in the US, UK, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand, and Malaysia.

Mozilla VPN for Windows
Mozilla VPN on Windows

Mozilla VPN partnership advantages

Mozilla VPN runs on the Mullvad VPN servers chosen for their no-logging policy.  Mullvad provides over 280 secure VPN servers in over 30 countries. Mullvad has its own device VPN app and the two services come at the same monthly price, but users may find that the Mozilla VPN improves upon the Mullvad app experience.

The software also uses the WireGuard protocol for fast and secure connections. The VPN runs on only a few lines of code, which gives it decreased exposure to attack and makes it perfect for implementation in mobile apps.

Mozilla has a history of partnering with security-first tools like Scroll for its Firefox Better Web tool. Mozilla’s ‘buy over build’ approach with this latest release means that Firefox customers get a steady stream of low cost, quality security tools from a brand they trust, and Mozilla avoids the time and expense of internal development.

Extending data protection from browsers to devices

The VPN is an addition to Mozilla’s web data security product line for individuals. Here’s a brief outline of the products, in ascending order of security coverage:

Secure mobile browsing as a service

The Mozilla VPN release follows other app-based mobile VPN services from Cloudflare and Ookla, and improves on those offerings—for Android and PC users. The Cloudflare WARP VPN is designed for faster mobile browsing but fails to compete with Mozilla’s data protection protocols. The Ookla SpeedTest VPN is a free service for iOS users of the SpeedTest app, but with a 2 GB data transfer limit.

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