Markdown writing app Ulysses adds support for tables

Ulysses, the popular writing and publishing app that uses Markdown for formatting, added support for creating, formatting and sharing tables.

Ulysses is a popular Markdown-based writing app used by bloggers, authors, and screenwriters. While its feature set is robust, it’s been missing a vital component; the capability to create, edit and visualize tables effortlessly.

Tables written in Markdown require hyphens for column headings and pipes to separate columns. Formatting cells in Markdown tables, such as controlling alignment, can also be tricky. The complexity and lack of intuitiveness for Markdown tables have kept many writers from using them in Ulysses.

Markdown table code example
Markdown table plain-text code example from Markdown Guide

With the June 2022 release (version 27), Ulysses has addressed the issue with Markdown tables by making it easy to add, format, and share tables.

Typing (tbl) on a sheet automatically creates and visualizes a table. Clicking or tapping on the table column and row numbers located in the upper-right corner of the table displays controls to increase or decrease columns and rows.

Selecting cells, columns, and rows displays formatting options. The table formatting options include:

As with all Ulysses sheets, the content of the sheet, including the new table support, is exportable to PDF, Word, HTML, ePub, and Markdown documents. Sheets can also be published directly to WordPress, Ghost, and

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