Feedly adds RSS Builder to follow sites without RSS feeds

Feedly, the popular newsreader, aggregates content from Twitter, Reddit, and RSS feeds. Feedly can now follow sites that don’t have RSS feeds with its new RSS Builder tool.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a web standard used by most blogs and media sites that make it easy to know when new content is published. People use RSS for various reasons; keeping up with breaking news, following topics that interest them, getting ideas for content marketing, and even monitoring competitors. All of this is made possible by using an RSS reader, an app that aggregates and presents RSS feed data in a legible format.

Sometimes there are sites you want to follow, but they can’t be added to an aggregator because they don’t have an RSS feed. While it’s possible to follow a site without an RSS feed, it requires a service, like FetchRSS, to do it.

Feedly, a leading and advanced RSS news aggregator, recently added an RSS Builder that makes it possible to follow sites without RSS feeds, negating the need for a service like FetchRSS. They also made it simple to use and seamlessly integrated it into the same workflow used to add RSS feeds.

How to follow sites without RSS feeds on Feedly

To add a site without an RSS feed, paste the URL in the Follow tool. If Feedly can’t find an RSS feed, it will display an option to use the RSS Builder.

Add site without RSS feed
Adding a site without an RSS feed will display the RSS Builder option

The RSS Builder will render the page. To build the feed, click on an article. Then, if everything looks correct in the Preview, click on the Build RSS Feed button.

Build RSS feed
Selecting an article on a listing page enables the RSS Builder to create the feed

The last step is to name the site and add it to a category feed. Once it’s added, new content from the new RSS feed will appear in the category feed.

Name website for feed
After successfully building a feed, it can be named and added to a category feed

There are a couple of minor limitations to the RSS Builder. The first one is that new feeds must be built using their web app, but once they’re created they can be used on all platforms. The second issue is that it doesn’t work in Safari yet, because the browser has settings that won’t allow the necessary code to run. Feedly recommends using another browser like Chrome to build new feeds.

Feedly’s RSS Builder is available to customers on their Pro+ or Enterprise plans. Pro+ users can create up to 25 RSS feeds, while Enterprise users can create up to 100 RSS feeds.

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