Feedly launches Pro+ account with new AI-powered features

Feedly debuted a major upgrade to its content discovery and reading app. The new Pro+ account uses its Leo AI technology to surface content based on interest and usage, and includes deduplication and mute filters.

Feedly Leo

Feedly has taken its artificial intelligence research assistant, Leo, out of beta and has made it available to individual customers through its new Pro+ account. The Pro+ account brings Leo Skills that used to only be available to Business accounts.

As previously reported on Coywolf News, Leo is much more sophisticated than a simple news filtering tool. It’s a true AI that uses machine learning (ML) and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to achieve its results. Leo represents a major upgrade to Feedly’s app and also creates a significant advantage over its competitors.

Pro+ accounts have access to a Train Leo option in the main navigation and within each feed group. The option enables users to create Priorities that can help train and personalize feed results.

Train Feedly's Leo
Train the Leo artificial intelligence to prioritize articles in feeds.

Leo also learns from user feedback. For example, users can click on the Dislike icon and choose an action. Based on their choice, new settings may be created (e.g. muting a site or topic) and Leo incorporates the action into its machine learning algorithm.

Feedly Dislike Option
The Dislike button trains and optimizes articles in feeds.

In addition to the Leo AI Skills, Pro+ accounts also include the following upgrades and features.

Feedly’s Pro+ account with Leo Skills is available for $12/mo.

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