Cloudflare’s WARP VPN allows multi-platform license sharing

Cloudflare's VPN has an unlimited and faster option called WARP+. The company allows WARP+ subscriptions to be used on up to five devices.

Cloudflare WARP+
Cloudflare WARP+ beta for macOS

At the beginning of September 2020, Cloudflare released beta versions of its VPN with WARP for macOS and Windows. The beta versions provide the same functionality as the iOS and Android versions. One of the VPN’s best features is the WARP+ service, which provides a faster connection and unlimited bandwidth. However, the beta doesn’t allow you to subscribe to it. Fortunately, there’s a workaround for that.

Cloudflare has made it so WARP+ customers can use their subscription on up to 5 devices. That includes subscriptions that were purchased via Apple’s App Store.

How to find and apply the WARP+ license key

To apply the WARP+ license to the macOS or Windows beta of the VPN, open the iOS or Android app, go to Settings > Account > Key. Tapping on the Key will enable you to copy or share it.

WARP+ license key on iOS
WARP+ license keys can be copied from iOS and Android and used on macOS and Windows’ beta apps

Next, open the macOS or Windows app and navigate to Preferences > Account. Click on the Use Different Key button and paste the license key. After you save the key, the window will refresh with a list of all devices that are using the key, and it will activate WARP+ on the beta app.

Devices using WARP+ license key
List of devices using WARP+ license key

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