Cloudflare launches WARP VPN for iOS and Android

The app by Cloudflare has been updated with a plug-n-play VPN that automatically secures mobile traffic on smartphones. It’s currently available in Google Play and the App Store. WARP
Cloudflare launches WARP VPN in its DNS app

Cloudflare announced that they were adding a VPN to its secure DNS app in April 2019. Soon after the announcement, they were plagued with technical difficulties that significantly delayed the release of their VPN service, WARP.

Matthew Prince, Co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare, stated that it turned out that building a next generation service to secure consumer mobile connections without slowing them down or burning battery was… harder than we originally thought. Prince highlighted some of the problems they encountered that kept them from rolling out WARP until now.

Cloudflare spent more than five months fixing WARP’s problems. They are now ready for the world to use it, and they’ve made their app, which comes with WARP built-in, available from the App Store and Google Play.

WARP and WARP+ details

WARP isn’t a typical VPN. For example, it doesn’t allow access to geo-restricted content, and it won’t hide your IP address. To do that you’ll need to use a VPN service like or Tor. Instead, WARP was made for the average internet user. It’s designed to: and WARP are free services from Cloudflare. They are both secure and fast, but users can increase the speed of the sites they visit by up to 30% by paying for WARP+. WARP+ utilizes Cloudflare’s Argo Smart Routing. It’s designed to detect real-time congestion and route web traffic across the fastest and most reliable network paths. The monthly subscription fee for WARP+ is $4.99/mo for unlimited usage.

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