Cloudflare launches beta of VPN with WARP for macOS and Windows

First announced in April 2020, Cloudflare has finally released beta versions of its VPN with WARP for macOS and Windows. The VPN service also includes support for for Families, which blocks malware and adult sites.

Cloudflare WARP VPN beta for macOS

Cloudflare created DNS to help make surfing the web faster and more private. In September 2019, they took the service a step further with the launch of its WARP VPN for iOS and Android. WARP extended Cloudflare’s DNS service by creating an easy-to-use VPN that:

Cloudflare just announced via email the release of beta versions of its VPN with WARP for macOS and Windows. They were initially announced in April 2020 but weren’t made available until now.

The beta versions function similarly to the iOS and Android versions but do not support WARP+ yet. WARP+ is Cloudflare’s subscription service that leverages its Argo Smart Routing to make accessing sites even faster.

One feature that the macOS and Windows versions do have that the iOS and Android versions don’t is Cloudflare’s for Families Malware and Adult Site Blocking. Using the Malware Blocking option will utilize the and DNS servers, and using the Malware and Adult Content Blocking will utilize the and DNS servers. Both of these options work in conjunction with the WARP VPN to secure and speed up the internet connection. with WARP Connection Preferences for macOS

The WARP+ subscription is expected to be added once the service is out of beta. Until then, the beta is free to download and use.

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