Backblaze adds ‘forever’ version history to its automated cloud backup service

Backblaze released version 7.0 of its popular online backup app for Windows and Mac. The new version now supports saving version history for up to one year or forever.


Backblaze launched version 7.0 of its cloud backup app for Windows and Mac. The upgrade improves the upload performance of large files, makes the app look better on high resolution screens, and supports Single Sign-On (SSO) for Microsoft’s Office 365. However, the biggest new feature is its ability to save version history forever.

The default retention period for Backblaze is 30 days, but the new version now supports the option to switch to 1 day or forever. Saving file versions for 1 year costs an additional $2 per month, and saving file versions for forever costs another $2 per month plus $0.005/GB/month for versions modified on a computer more than one year ago. The forever pricing ends up being about the same amount as Backblaze’s competitor, CrashPlan, which also allows its users to save unlimited file versions for a total of $10 per month.

Version History
Backblaze now offers three different options for saving version history.

Allowing unlimited file versions forced Backblaze to change its UX to accommodate large date ranges. They previously had a drop down menu that listed the previous 30 days. However, the addition of their forever option required them to implement a data picker to make it usable.

Versions Date Picker
Backblaze adds date picker for selecting file versions.

Backblaze continues to be one of the best ways to backup Macs and PCs, and the addition of forever version history has made it even better.

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