Backblaze makes its cloud backup service faster and more efficient

Backblaze released a new version of its cloud backup service that supports significantly faster online backups, reduces hard drive writes and does a better job at managing bandwidth and system load. The update also coincides with a price increase.


I’ve been a long-time user of Backblaze and have written about why I believe it’s the best automated method for backing up your computer online. The storage cloud company recently announced significant upgrades to its computer backup software.

Version 8 of the Backblaze app for macOS and Windows adds performance boosts to make online backups significantly faster. The increased backup speed is achieved through an increase in threads. Each thread backs up files to Backblaze, and they run in parallel with each other. That means the more threads you use, the more files you can backup at the same time. The new version went from a maximum of 30 threads to 100 threads!

Backblaze performance settings
Backblaze now supports up to 100 threads for faster online backup speeds

The new version of Backblaze also reduces the strain on hard drives by up to 80%. They made this possible by re-architecting how the backup app manages copying and encrypting files. Previously, it would write files to the hard drive before uploading them, but now it skips that step and copies and encrypts the files to RAM and then uploads them.

The new upgrade does come with a price increase. Their monthly unlimited backup fee is increasing by one dollar, from $6/mo to $7/mo. They also provide annual discounts, $70 for one year and $130 for two years. The new pricing goes into effect on August 16th, 2021, and they are allowing existing customers to extend the old rate for at least a year.

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