AmpliFi adds free VPN to its consumer Wi-Fi routers

Ubiquiti Networks updated its AmpliFi consumer Wi-Fi routers to support VPN connections. The new feature is called Teleport and it enables iOS and Android devices to securely connect to home networks.

AmpliFi Teleport for iOS
AmpliFi Teleport VPN for home networks.

Ubiquiti Networks is best known for its UniFi and Edge enterprise-ready routers and networking devices. In 2016, they leveraged their networking expertise to create a new revenue stream. They launched a consumer-friendly Wi-Fi router under the brand name AmpliFi.

In late 2017 AmpliFi ran a Kickstarter campaign for a VPN device called Teleport. The device could pair with an AmpliFi Wi-Fi router and be used to securely connect to a home network while traveling. After the device was made available, it was plagued with technical problems, leading AmpliFi to stop making it.

While AmpliFi gave up on the Teleport device, they didn’t give up on the concept of enabling consumers to have a free VPN connection to their home network while traveling. Two years after the Kickstarter campaign, AmpliFi surprised its customers in August 2019 with a major update to its entire line of Wi-Fi routers. The update brought back the Teleport VPN, but this time it was software-based.

Teleport VPN for iOS, Android, and Android TV devices

Owners of an AmpliFi router now have the ability to securely connect to their home networks while they’re traveling. The feature is called Teleport, and it works via the AmpliFi Teleport iOS and Android app. The update and the service are completely free. The only thing that’s required is an AmpliFi HD or Instant Wi-Fi router.

The Teleport VPN service creates an encrypted tunnel from any internet connection to the home network. It secures internet traffic by using the home network for all requests. One of the main features that AmpliFi is promoting is the ability to stream geo-fenced content outside of an allowed region. For example, users can watch TV shows from their Hulu or Netflix accounts even if they’re outside their home country.

Stream Hulu and Netflix
Stream shows and movies from a home network using AmpliFi Teleport.

The Teleport service is currently only available for devices running iOS and Android. Coywolf contacted AmpliFi PR to find out if they have plans to make it compatible with macOS and Windows, but they have not responded to our request yet.

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