1Password adds a secure sharing option for logins and sensitive data

Login details, credit cards, and notes with sensitive information can now be securely shared with the latest version of 1Password. The new feature creates an expiring link and doesn’t require the recipient to be a 1Password customer to view the details.


Occasionally you need to share credit card or login details with a colleague, friend, or family member, but the most convenient options, such as texting or email, aren’t very secure. Additionally, if you want to share a login that uses two-factor authentication with a one-time password, it’s virtually impossible to do. 1Password has fixed these limitations with a new feature that allows customers to securely share just about anything with anyone.

In the latest version of 1Password, customers can now share any record in their password manager vault with a private link.

1Password secure sharing option
Secure sharing option in 1Password

When a 1Password record is shared, the user must first specify how long the link will be active. 1Password provides a spectrum of a single view to unlimited views for up to thirty days.

Expiry option
Expiration option for secure sharing links in 1Password

By default, private links are sharable with anyone, but they can also be available only to specific people. Choosing Only some people requests the email address for each recipient. When the recipient visits the link, they are asked to enter their email address. After they submit their email address, they are sent a one-time code that they must enter to view the record.

Secure sharing link availability
Availability option for secure sharing links in 1Password

The record is viewed in a browser, making it possible to share sensitive data without requiring the recipient to have a 1Password account. Secure sharing also solves the problem of the inability to share one-time passwords because they are fully supported with the new feature.

Example of securely shared record
A securely shared record from 1Password

Secure sharing is one of many innovations 1Password has released over the past year. They recently partnered with Fastmail to integrate Masked Emails into the app. The company continues to fight to remain the best cross-platform password manager on the market.

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