Policies and Standards

Mission statement

The mission of Coywolf News is to help readers stay informed about the ever-changing landscape of web technologies and marketing in the digital age.

Ethics policy

Conflict of Interest

Coywolf News avoids conflicts of interest wherever and whenever possible. If the content is published where a conflict of interest might exist, the content will include a disclaimer.

All Coywolf News editors strive for fairness in their reporting. Fairness means:


All “op-ed” stories will be clearly labeled as such. Occasionally, an editor may provide their opinion at the end of a story. When and if that occurs, it will be clearly labeled as the editor’s opinion through a sub-heading like, “Coywolf’s Take” or “Author’s Opinion”.

Verification and fact-checking standards

Coywolf editors will always consider the source of information they write about. They will make their best effort to report on facts from sources they deem credible.

Ownership structure

Coywolf is owned by Jon Henshaw, the founder of Coywolf LLC. Coywolf was founded in 2017.

Corrections policy

Coywolf News will correct errors made in its stories as quickly as possible. Depending on the severity of the correction, the correction may be a small edit to the story or may include an editor’s note explaining the correction. In rare cases, if the subject matter of the article is found to be erroneous, Coywolf may unpublish the article.

Policy on sources

Coywolf News will always strive to include the name of sources for the information we publish. Editors prefer to not use confidential sources but may do so if the information is credible, important for the readers, and may adversely affect the livelihood of the source. Editors will protect the identity of confidential sources will follow the law in regards to the legal rights of the editor (reporter) and the confidential source.


Coywolf News will provide attribution through names, links, and other means to inform the reader about the source of information used in an article.

Ways to contact Coywolf News

Letters to the editor can be sent to letters at coywolf dot news or to Letters to the Editor, Coywolf News, 2020 Fieldstone Pkwy, STE 900-122, Franklin TN 37069.

Letters selected by editors may appear online. Questions can be emailed to the reader representative at letters at coywolf dot news.