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Interview with Hugo Gameiro, founder of the Mastodon managed hosting platform Masto Host

Jon Henshaw interviews Hugo Gameiro, founder of Masto Host, about how he initially got into SEO and later founded a managed hosting platform for Mastodon. Hugo also shared what it was like during the Twitter migration initiated by Elon Musk's erratic behavior and what he thinks the future of Mastodon and the fediverse will be.

Jon Henshaw and Hugo Gameiro

Episode 12: Interview with crypto and Web3 skeptic Stephen Diehl

Stephen Diehl is a London-based software engineer working in the financial sector that has written and been outspoken about why Web3 is economically and technologically a terrible idea. In a 40-minute interview with Jon Henshaw, the two discuss the religious fervor surrounding Web3, why crypto is repeating history and will end badly, and how Web3 is already primarily centralized. They also discussed the Metaverse's potential impact on future generations and the promise no-code technology might have on society.

Stephen Diehl

Episode 11: Fabric CEO Faisal Masud and Co-founder Ryan Bartley discuss startups, the problem with low-touch platforms, and the unique capabilities of headless commerce

Fabric Co-founder Ryan Bartley discusses how Fabric went from an idea to a startup company, and CEO Faisal Masud reveals Shopify Plus’ Achilles heel. Then they talk about what companies can do with headless commerce.

Faisal Masud and Ryan Bartley

Episode 10: Drew Strojny discusses creating Memberful and why startups should run lean

Drew Strojny, Founder of Memberful, discusses how his frustration to find a good subscription service led him to create his own software, and how being a lean startup helped him during periods of slow growth.

Drew Strojny

Episode 9: Die With Me and the trouble with Apple

Dries Depoorter and David Surprenant discuss their struggle to get Apple to accept the final version of their app, Die With Me, into the App Store because it unintentionally brought attention to Apple's battery problems.

Die With Me

Episode 8: Marketing News Recap: Google, OUYA, W3C, WHATWG, Twitter, and Rev

Google debuts a new mobile SERP that makes paid and organic results look the same, the browser makers take over the HTML and DOM standards, and Twitter buys a company to help make it less toxic.

GMB Short Name Example

Episode 7: Samantha Anderl on building a marketing foundation for scale

I spoke to Samantha Anderl, Co-founder of Interimly, and we discussed the best marketing channels for new businesses, and why companies should focus on building a marketing foundation that can scale with their growth.

Samantha Anderl

Episode 6: Amanda Orson on competing against big companies and leveraging PR

I met with Amanda Orson, VP of Growth at Zift, about how she approaches marketing Zift's cross-platform parental control apps. She shared how she plans to win over parents through PR and education, and take on giants like Apple by providing a better product.

Amanda Orson

Episode 5: Rusty Mitchell and Kelly Merrell on building native apps vs Progressive Web Apps

I met with the VP of Design and VP of Engineering at Mercury Intermedia where they create native iOS and Android apps for some of the world's biggest brands. I asked them about the potential for Progressive Web Apps to replace native apps.

Rusy and Kelly

Episode 4: Paul Jarvis discusses skills vs. passion and proposes a more Zen-like approach to growth and success

In Paul Jarvis’ new book, Company of One, it’s not business as usual. We discuss the importance of building skills versus blindly following your passion, and rethinking ideas around growth and success.

Paul Jarvis

Episode 3: David Mihm explains why Google My Business is now more important for Local SEO than a website

Google has been investing a significant amount of resources into Google My Business (GMB) but not a lot of businesses are fully taking advantage of it yet. David discusses why he thinks that’s about to change and why GMB is becoming more important than ever for Local SEO.

David Mihm

Episode 2: Jon Acuff on social media marketing and avoiding entrepreneurial shame

In the second episode of the Coywolf Podcast, Jon Henshaw shares three excerpts from his 50-minute interview with New York Times bestselling author, Jon Acuff.

Jon Acuff

Episode 1: Are you prepared for Gutenberg?

In the debut episode of the Coywolf Podcast, Jon Henshaw talks about the upcoming chaos that Gutenberg is going to cause when WordPress 5.0 is released on November 27, and how you can avoid it.

Coywolf Podcast