TechRepublic reports ‘Sign In with Apple’ won’t significantly impact tracking as originally thought

Apple’s proxy email service was considered a silver bullet to stop ad targeting, but Kazuki Ota, Co-founder and CTO of Arm Treasure Data, doesn't think it's going to be an encumbrance to customer tracking.

In June 2019 I reported on how Apple’s Private Email Relay Service (PERS) – a feature of ‘Sign In with Apple’ – would make ad targeting virtually impossible. That’s because per app proxy email addresses aren’t related to any entities and therefore can’t be uploaded and used by advertisers for custom audiences on social platforms. James Sanders of TechRepublic says that may not be the case after all.

Sanders interviewed Kazuki Ota, Co-founder and CTO of Arm Treasure Data, about the impact PERS might have on customer tracking. Ota told Sanders, the effectiveness of this Apple move was more about how the email address will be used. That prevents certain actions, but I think the effectiveness, personally, will be limited. Additionally, Ota told Sanders that creating pseudo-anonymous IDs that aim to limit tracking is a hurdle that enterprises have already cleared.

“A lot of enterprises—especially larger ones who have been operating for more than 100 years—they have a lot of acquisitions, multiple businesses and multiple brands,” Ota said. “A typical customer has around… 13-14 customer IDs. Let’s say I interact with one group, and they have multiple brands. They might have information scattered across these brands.”

It’s difficult to know what the impact will be until Sign In with Apple becomes widely adopted and used by consumers. It’s possible that Ota’s confidence is simply posturing to keep their customers from getting worried. Only time will tell.

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