LinkedIn gives brands new ways to target engaged audiences via its platform and Audience Network

LinkedIn advertisers can now run retargeting campaigns directed at users who have watched a video ad or opened a lead gen form.

As more marketers turn to LinkedIn for their B2B ad campaigns and account based marketing efforts, the platform is boosting its ad targeting capabilities. Last month, LinkedIn began rolling out two new features: Retargeting by video views and lead gen forms. These new tools allow brands to target LinkedIn ads at users who have watched, at least, 75% of a video ad or engaged with a lead gen form on the platform (even if all they did was open the form without submitting).

The newly added video view retargeting feature is also being expanded to LinkedIn Audience Network, which allows advertisers to run LinkedIn ad campaigns outside of the platform across third-party publisher websites and apps.

LinkedIn Audience Network can run ads outside of its platform

LinkedIn also introduced a pre-bid integration with digital ad verification solution Integral Ad Science to guard against ad fraud and give advertisers on its Audience Network an added layer of brand protection.

One marketer with early access to the retargeting tools reported a 20% lift in conversion rates with a 24% drop in cost per conversion. Another beta user said the test they ran using the lead gen form retargeting feature earned 2 to 3-times higher click-through rates compared to their normal tactics.

“Although still early in the process, we find that leads generated from retargeting have a higher qualification rate from MQL to SQL,” said Jabra Senior Marketing Manager Morten Jensen who reported the higher click-through rate.

These new retargeting tools give LinkedIn advertisers an opportunity to focus ad messaging based on audience engagement. For example, as LinkedIn notes, a video ad campaign promoting an event could be followed with a Sponsored Ad retargeting the users who watched the video, offering them an invite to register for the event. Account based marketing teams can use to the lead gen retargeting feature to target leads who have moved deeper into the sales process.

“LinkedIn has a wealth of first-party data on a professional audience and unique B2B targeting capabilities, making it a great place to engage business decision-makers,” says eMarketer senior forecasting analyst Oscar Orozco, underscoring why so many B2B marketers are able to capture audiences at different stages of the marketing funnel via the platform.

eMarketer reported in February that it expects more than half of marketers (50.3%) to use LinkedIn for their marketing and ad efforts by next year, and that LinkedIn’s user growth will reach 62.1 million in the U.S. this year.  

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