Google deprecates Target Search Page Location and Outranking Share in AdWords

Sagar Shah, Product Manager for Google Ads, announced the deprecation of two automated bidding features in Google AdWords. They will be replaced with Target Impression Share.

Google Ads’ Product Manager, Sagar Shah, announced the end-of-life for two automated bidding features in AdWords. The two features, Target Search Page Location and Outranking Share, will be removed in late June. They will be replaced with Target Impression Share.

Target Impression Share offers more flexible and granular controls to optimize for your desired impression share and search page location. And you can use Absolute top impression share or Top impression share to aim for the top of the page using Target Impression Share.

AdWords accounts that are using the features will automatically be migrated to the Target Impression Share strategy based on previous target locations and historical impression share.

Automated bidding is a controversial topic for many search marketers. After reading the announcement, paid search marketing expert, Pamela Lund, didn’t think Target Impression Share was a better option for most advertisers.

If Google is really in the business of presenting the best result for the user, as they claim to be, letting advertisers target by position won’t achieve that goal. Just because a brand has the largest budget and can bid the most to have their ads shown in the top slot more than everyone else doesn’t mean they are the best result for that search. I also don’t think this is the best thing for advertisers since the only ones that would bid for absolute top rather than to meet their KPIs are big brands that have the budget to force out their competition or ones that don’t know what they are doing and think being shown at the top more often than not is a good thing.

– Pamela Lund, Is Google AdWords Automated Bidding for everyone?

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