Facebook opens access to new brand safety tools and launches a redesigned control hub

Publisher whitelists for Audience Network ads, content whitelists and enhanced delivery reports can be found within Facebook’s Business Manager platform.

Facebook for Business

Facebook has launched a series of brand safety controls it began testing last year.  In May 2020, the company gave all advertisers access to four new tools:

  1. Publisher whitelists for Audience Network
  2. Content whitelists
  3. Enhanced delivery reports
  4. Live stream exclusion options

Designed to deliver a safer environment for brands across Facebook’s advertising ecosystem, the tools give advertisers more control over where their ads are displayed and more ad placement transparency.

We recognize our responsibility to provide a safe environment for everyone using our platforms. While we know there is still more to be done, we won’t stop helping people and businesses use our platforms safely and successfully.

Facebook Announcement: Expanding Our Brand Safety Controls for Advertisers

Facebook’s new publisher whitelists for Audience Network allow advertisers to designate which third-party publisher apps serve up their ads. The content whitelists (initially called dynamic content sets) give advertisers video-level whitelisting capabilities via three Facebook marketing partners:

  1. Integral Ad Science
  2. OpenSlate
  3. Zefr

Advertisers using these third-party tools will be able to “dynamically review and customize suitable videos” for their in-stream ad campaigns. The Live stream exclusion option, which was first offered at the campaign level but is now available at the ad account level, lets brands opt-out of their in-stream ads being placed in Live streams from vetted partners – an ad placement feature currently being tested by Facebook.

Facebook’s ad delivery reports have been improved to give advertisers impression data at the publisher and content levels.

Facebook Brand Safety Controls

The tools can be found in the newly refreshed Brand Safety Controls interface within the Business Manager platform. Advertisers can review the status of their safety controls for all of their ad accounts from the interface and also have access to a new controls page that lets them apply brand safety controls at the account level.

Facebook Brand Safety Controls

Facebook’s latest move to expand its brand safety controls is part of an ongoing effort to ease brand concerns over where ads may appear – both on the platform and outside of Facebook via its Audience Network ads.

As far back as 2017, Facebook addressed brand safety issues when it began gradually rolling out publisher lists to advertisers, giving brands a full list of the publishers where Audience Network, Instant Articles and in-stream video ads appeared.

The lists were designed to give advertisers more transparency around where their ads displayed and to help them build out block lists (a feature that allows advertisers to keep their Facebook in-stream ads, Instant Articles and Audience network ads from showing up on specific publishers and apps).

In January 2019, Facebook launched a brand safety certification program for its marketing partners, starting with two third-party tools:

  1. DoubleVerify
  2. OpenSlate

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