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Backblaze makes its cloud backup service faster and more efficient

Backblaze released a new version of its cloud backup service that supports significantly faster online backups, reduces hard drive writes and does a better job at managing bandwidth and system load. The update also coincides with a price increase.

Backblaze Speed

Google gives marketers a reprieve on third-party cookies until 2023

Google's web browser will support third-party cookies until mid-2023 and phase them out at the end of 2023. The original deadline was the end of 2022.

Google Chrome

‘Big Mail’ first look: New email app attempts to make reading email enjoyable again

The Not So Big Company launched its Apple-centric multi-platform email client, Big Mail. The new email app has a stunning design, distraction-free reading, and a contact filtering tool that’s similar to Basecamp’s HEY.

Big Mail

Neeva makes invites available and adds Slack integration

The ad-free, privacy-first, and highly personalized search engine, Neeva, provided current users with invite links and added the ability to search Slack workspaces.


Things don’t look good for FLoC

The alternative to third-party cookies has been panned by privacy-focused companies. But cookies aren't dead.


LinkedIn adds pronouns to Profiles

Timed with the start of the LGBTQ+ Pride Month, LinkedIn has added the option to include pronouns to Profiles.


Schema Markup Validator launches, replacing Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool

Google will be deprecating its Structured Data Testing Tool soon. Its replacement, the Schema Markup Validator, quietly went live as a beta version.

Schema Markup Validator

What is an NFT, and why should you care?

Think of NFTs like baseball cards, Beanie Babies, and something out of a dystopian novel. But, like, a fun one.


Pinata launches dedicated IPFS gateways with custom domains

Creating an IPFS gateway with a personal domain just became incredibly easy to do with Pinata’s new dedicated gateway feature.


Twitter testing ticketed Spaces

Ticketed Spaces will allow Twitter users to schedule live audio, sell tickets to access the stream, and limit attendance.

Twitter Ticketed Spaces

Shopify adds Amazon order tracking to Shop app

Shopify updated its Shop app tracking feature to include automatic tracking of Amazon orders.

Shopify Shop app adds Amazon orders

FLoC and UID2 cookie alternatives are good for advertisers and publishers but not consumers

Proposed alternatives like Google's FLoC and The Trade Desk's UID2 aren't good for individual consumer privacy.

Flock of sheep

IPFS may be the future of file hosting and content delivery

In 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) made it affordable for independent web developers to build apps without the high cost. IPFS is positioned to transform the industry again through its free and high-availability distributed-web model.


Mozilla permanently removing FTP access from Firefox

After a year-long delay because of the concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mozilla announces they are disabling FTP in version 88 of Firefox and will altogether remove it in version 90.

Firefox removes FTP

Signal and Clubhouse add payments features

Clubhouse Payments will use the Stripe gateway, while Signal will use MobileCoin, a cryptocurrency.


Neeva first look: What the ad-free Google Search alternative is like

Neeva is a privacy-first ad-free and tracking-free search engine created by ex-Googlers. The search engine is still being developed, is currently in the alpha stage, and requires an invite and onboarding experience to use it.


Facebook’s investment in newsletters confirms the future of data sales is owned media

Facebook is building a newsletter and website platform to compete with Twitter’s Revue acquisition and subscription newsletter services like Substack and MailerLite.

Facebook Newsletter and Site

Slack Connect launch marred by invite message abuse

Slack launched its much anticipated Connect feature that allows users from different workspaces to DM each other. The debut hit a snag when users started reporting abusive messages from DM invitations.

Slack Connect

New IBM patent uses IoT devices, eye-tracking, mics, and cameras to help make you a better writer

IBM was awarded a new patent that uses cognitive systems and invasive monitoring to improve writing composition via automated behavioral and content recommendations.

IBM Patent

Is cryptocurrency a viable option for ecommerce stores?

Ecommerce stores can accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin for purchases through Paypal and Coinbase, but should they?

Bitcoin Credit Card