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Drift introduces Prospector and rebrands to ‘Revenue Acceleration Platform’

The Prospector tool combines the Drift Conversational Marketing and Sales tools with buyer activity data from third party software. The company has also changed their branding in order to better fit today’s combined sales and marketing teams.


WordPress 5.5 now has automatic updates for plugins and themes, but you may want to avoid it

A much-anticipated feature was added to version 5.5 of WordPress. The popular CMS gained the ability to turn on auto-updates for plugins and themes. However, the new feature comes with risks.

WordPress Auto-Update

AVIF, a next-gen image format for the web, will have to wait in line behind WebP

WebP is on the verge of replacing JPEG and PNG as the best image to use on the web thanks to Safari 14 finally supporting it. However, an even better image format, AVIF, is already looking to replace it.

AV1 Logo

Stack Overflow Raises Series E Funding for Teams Product

Stack Overflow raised $85 million in Series E funding for its Teams knowledge management product following a strong first two years of growth. Investor and consumer interest shows how digital work has changed knowledge management needs for many companies.

Stack Overflow

Mozilla VPN extends data protection tool set to full devices

The $4.99 per month VPN protects up to 5 Android and PC devices, with iOS, Mac, and Linux versions promised soon. Mozilla partnered with Mullvad VPN and WireGuard for this comprehensive security coverage.

Mozilla VPN

Google testing $50 monthly fee for ‘Google Guaranteed’ badge in organic GMB local search results

The 'Google Guaranteed' consumer protection program has been reserved for businesses using Google Ads. Google has started testing making the badge available to profiles using Google My Business (GMB) for a fee.

Google My Business Guranteed Badge

TikTok makes Business Ad Manager self-serve, but future of platform in U.S. remains uncertain

The company is offering $100 million in ad credits to support small and mid-sized businesses impacted by the pandemic.


Snapchat focuses on ad growth and engagement via ‘Snap Focus’ learning portal and Brand profiles

In addition to introducing coursework aimed at advertisers and agencies, the company is giving a select number of brands the ability to post permanent content.


LinkedIn gives brands new ways to target engaged audiences via its platform and Audience Network

LinkedIn advertisers can now run retargeting campaigns directed at users who have watched a video ad or opened a lead gen form.


iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 betas bypass Google Search on iPhones and iPads with Spotlight Search

Apple introduced a new Spotlight Search feature to iOS and iPadOS 14 that enables users to search and go directly to a site, completely bypassing Google’s search result pages.

iOS and iPadOS 14 Spotlight Search

Facebook opens access to new brand safety tools and launches a redesigned control hub

Publisher whitelists for Audience Network ads, content whitelists and enhanced delivery reports can be found within Facebook’s Business Manager platform.

Facebook Brand Safety

LinkedIn rolls out virtual events and poll features, giving brands new engagement opportunities

The company says it accelerated its product roadmap to help businesses connect with their communities online and at scale.


Head of Google Ads to run Search. Move concerns SEO veterans about the future of search

Google announced Prabhakar Raghavan, former head of Google Ads, is changing roles to head Google Search while simultaneously overseeing Ads. The move diminishes the traditional separation of product teams and has SEOs concerned about how it might affect organic search results.

Google Search and Google Ads bluring together

Google Partner Badge: The new timeline and what advertisers need to know

Google Ads' new Partner Badge requirements, which force advertisers to use Google's recommendations, will not go into effect until 2021.

Google Partner Badge

New YouTube ‘Video Chapters’ builds upon timestamp bookmarks

YouTube extended its timestamp bookmarks feature to enable Video Chapters for videos. The chapters are displayed on videos as individual clips, making it easier for viewers to identify and jump to different segments.

YouTube Video Chapters

How to use smart lights to stop people from interrupting your conference calls at home

The best way to stop family members from being too loud and interrupting video and phone conference calls is to use smart lights around your home.

Smart Lights

Facebook confirms advertisers will not be required to use Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO)

Last year, the company said all ad campaigns would eventually be migrated to the CBO platform, but Facebook now says CBO is an option, not a requirement.

Facebook for Business

New ‘Facebook Shops’ enables SMBs to create ecommerce stores on Instagram and Facebook App

Businesses can now create mobile-first online stores that are accessible on Facebook App and Instagram. A unique feature of Facebook Shops is the ability to do Live Shopping, which enables stores to sell products during a live stream with influencers.

Facebook Shops

Google significantly changes how it measures page performance with the release of Lighthouse 6.0

A new version of Google’s Lighthouse auditing tool dramatically changed how it calculates its score by removing two metrics and adding three new ones. The change in metrics signals a major shift in how Google is determining page performance.

Google Lighthouse

Facebook and Instagram launch COVID-19 resources as usage spikes, while others follow suit

Facebook and Instagram have launched new features to help with coronavirus pandemic relief efforts and reduce the spread of misinformation related to the outbreak.

Facebook coronavirus hub