Twitter buys Revue, a newsletter service that’s similar to Substack

The company’s investment adds long-form content to their famously short-form platform and will help writers and publishers grow and connect with audiences.

Twitter and Revue
Twitter acquires Revue

Twitter acquired Revue and plans to tie the long-form-ready platform to its own closely. There are no concrete plans for platform integrations—the blog post says they’re “imagining a lot of ways” to connect creators with their audiences better

Writers, comedians, content creators, marketers, and users who don’t consider themselves to be writers in any way use Twitter to connect to audiences or advertise their products. Twitter hopes to add app features that will help individuals follow writers, communicate with creators, and subscribe to their newsletters. 

To support long-form content creators as they build a subscription base, Twitter plans to create a “durable revenue model,” although the plans for that haven’t been released. In the short term, Twitter is incentivizing creators to move to Revue by opening Pro features to all accounts and reducing the house’s subscription take to 5%. 

These changes are likely to attract content creators flocking to Substack, Medium, and Gumroad, especially if those content creators already have substantial Twitter followings.

Why is Twitter investing in newsletters?

The move to newsletters isn’t new. Business newsletters like Morning Brew and The Hustle have owned audiences and defined targeting that advertisers crave, and they don’t feel stuffy like traditional news sites. Daily newspapers and media outlets are losing high-profile journalists to Substack and private newsletters where the writers can make more money via subscriptions and advertising.

The future of Revue

This isn’t Twitter’s first app acquisition, and we may be able to see Revue’s future in Periscope’s present. Twitter purchased Periscope before its public launch in 2015 and incorporated the live video tool into the Twitter app shortly thereafter. The standalone Periscope app will shut down as of March 2021, although it will continue as part of Twitter. While Twitter claims that they will continue to run Revue as a standalone service, the service’s likelihood to get absorbed in five to seven years is pretty high.

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