Twilio’s SendGrid launches Email Validation API

SendGrid has created an email validation service to help email marketers reduce their bounce rates and maintain deliverability to mailbox providers.

SendGrid launches new email validation service.

Twilio owned SendGrid announced the launch of its new Email Validation API. The API provides real-time email address validation through the use of machine learning (ML) and mailbox provider best practices. The service is designed to improve a sender’s reputation and deliverability with mailbox providers like Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, AOL, Yahoo, Apple, and Comcast.

SendGrid stated that they’re not using the common email validation method, Broken SMTP-Handshake, because mailbox providers discourage its use. Instead, they’re relying on the scale of its dataset – SendGrid sends over 50 billion emails each month – combined with ML. In addition to ML, they are also analyzing:

SendGrid is entering a crowded email validation market. They will be competing against popular services like Hunter, and email platforms like Mailgun and NeverBounce – all of which have email validation APIs. SendGrid’s advantage is that they’re the world’s largest email Infrastructure as a service provider. If their unmatched dataset paired with ML produce accurate results, they may pose a significant threat to their competitors.

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