HubSpot adds email creation, sending, and analytics to its free CRM offering

Marketers can now send email messages in HubSpot's free CRM. Matthew Howells-Barby, Director of Acquisition at HubSpot, explains to Coywolf News the importance of adding email to their freemium product.

Ray Schultz reported in MediaPost that HubSpot CRM users can now create contact lists and send up to 2,000 emails per month with a user-friendly email editor. The new addition is available now and HubSpot is promoting it on their homepage.

HubSpot Homepage
HubSpot is now promoting the addition of email to their free CRM on their homepage

Coywolf News reached out to Matthew Howells-Barby, Director of Acquisition at HubSpot, to learn more about why they added it to their CRM.

Matthew Howells-Barby
Matthew Howells-Barby

What prompted HubSpot to add email creation, sending, and analytics to the free CRM?

The first reason was from customer demand. A lot of our customers that come in through our free CRM want to get started with email without necessarily having to upgrade their pricing tier. This is a perfect first step for them and adds a lot of value to our existing free user base.

The second reason was to create less friction for acquiring new customers. We’ve been investing heavily in building out more integrations to our product and improving the experience for users that work with other platforms (for example, WordPress), so offering a free email and ads tier means that a lot more people using the products we integrate with can get a feel for how the product works and reach that first moment of delight quicker.

Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends report said that freemium business models continue to work well for increasing more usage, engagement, social sharing, and most importantly, paying users. Would you say that’s true for HubSpot and the addition of these features is a kind of doubling down on that commitment?

100%. CRM is the heart of our product offering and we believe that our freemium model is a huge step forward in removing friction in the adoption process. We’ve consistently added new features to the free tier of our products and we’ll continue to do so in the future.

How will this help marketers consolidate their marketing software? Does this mean that marketers will end up saving money by dropping their ESP and only needing to use HubSpot’s CRM?

The selfish answer here is yes, I think so. At the same time, that’s not necessarily our play here (and it doesn’t need to be for us to be successful). Our goal is to be the platform that all SMBs use. We think of a world where every SMB would have a HubSpot account (free or paid) and this could both play nicely and augment the functionality of your existing software stack, or serve as your central repository of data to be used for marketing, sales and customer service. While we’re adding a lot more features to our product, we are also investing heavily into building deeper integrations with the wider software ecosystem. Ultimately, there shouldn’t be any major tradeoffs to using our software and we believe that a combination of freemium tools and excellent interconnectivity will solve that.

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