Fastmail is beta testing more powerful email Rules and Filters

Fastmail customers that have opted into using beta features can now access more robust email Rules and Filters. The upgrade includes the ability to block individual emails or entire domains and allows more actions per Rule.


Fastmail, which is known for being one of the best alternatives to Gmail and iCloud, is beta testing new Rules and Filters. To use the new features, users must turn the Beta option on via Fastmail’s iOS or Android app. They can do that by navigating to Settings > Device Settings > Show Advanced Settings, tapping on Beta, and then closing and reopening the app.

Fastmail Beta Setting
Turning on the Beta option in Fastmail’s iOS app

After the Beta option has been turned on, the app will prompt the user to activate the new Rules and Filters. Be aware that the prompt may not happen immediately.

Activate Beta Rules
Activating new Beta Rules and Filters in Fastmail

Blocking emails and domains

Before the new blocking filter, users had to set up rules to filter out unwanted email addresses and domains. Fastmail has simplified the task with the new Blocked Senders Filter. Now users can add an email address or domain name, and it will automatically send them to the Trash.

Fastmail Blocked Senders
Blocking senders in Fastmail

Additional upgrades to Rules

In addition to adding an email and domain blocking feature, Fastmail improved how its existing Rules work. Those improvements include:

When the beta version of Rules and Filters is activated via Fastmail’s native mobile app, it affects the account everywhere. For example, the new options will become available on its web app.

Fastmail Web App
New Beta Rules and Filters are also available via the web app

Existing users can access the Beta program now. The beta version is also available via browser at Fastmail also offers a 30 day trial for new users.

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