Dynamic Email (aka AMP for Email) is being turned on for all G Suite accounts

On July 2nd, 2019, Google will default all G Suite accounts to support AMP for Email functionality in Gmail. Admins and Users will have to opt-out if they don't want to see dynamic email messages.

Google is continuing their push for all things AMP with the recent announcement that all Gmail accounts will support dynamic email in July. The change will only affect Gmail on the Web at first, but they expect to also make it the default on mobile apps soon thereafter.

AMP for email is designed to make email messages interactive. Google envisions it being used for shopping, submitting information like RSVPs, and commenting on Google Docs.

Dynamic Email
Example of Dynamic Email in Gmail

Email is already difficult for most people to manage. With dynamic email, it will essentially be putting an interactive web page or chat app inside an existing message. For example, you might get an email message (which can already have a thread of its own) that may have an embedded comment thread for a Google Doc. I predict that AMP for Email will make email more complicated, not more useful and efficient.

For now, if you don’t want dynamic email you can opt-out of it once the default setting takes effect. Another way to avoid this change altogether is to move away from G Suite or Gmail to a better email alternative that gives you more control and privacy.

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