Campaign Monitor urges users to update API keys now for security

Campaign Monitor recently strengthened the security of its API and is sending email messages to customers urging them to update their API keys now. They plan to start deprecating the old API keys soon.

Campaign Monitor

Simon Farrugia, Director of Product Management for Campaign Monitor, recently sent out email messages to customers that are currently using API keys. The subject line stated, [ACTION REQUIRED] Update your API key.

The message said they had recently strengthened their API key format and wanted everyone to switch over to the new one. They also said they were planning to deprecate the old API keys soon. Here is a copy of the message that Farrugia sent.

At CM Group, we are committed to keeping Campaign Monitor a safe and trusted application through our ongoing investment in security and reliability. To further protect your data, we recently took steps to strengthen the security of the Campaign Monitor API key format.

As we look to deprecate support for older keys, we are asking you to take advantage of the improved security and make it a priority to update your current API keys in preparation for this transition.

If you’re running integrations or sending email using our API, this information is going to be most applicable to your IT and software teams, as well as anyone who manages third party integrations with Campaign Monitor (e.g. integrations with your content management system, CRM, or e-commerce site). So please forward this message to them.

We appreciate you supporting this initiative in the best interests of the Campaign Monitor community. If you have any questions, please reach out to our customer support team.

Even though there seemed to be an urgency for their customers to do the update, there wasn’t any mention of a possible breach or exploit related to the change. The update appears to be a proactive move to tighten and modernize their API key format.

How to update your Campaign Monitor API key

Coywolf News uses Gravity Forms along with a Campaign Monitor add-on. Updating the API was relatively simple. To change it, navigate to the Account Settings page, and then click on the API keys link. On the API keys page, click on the Show API key link, and then click on the Generate a new API key link.

Update Campaign Monitor API key
Generating a new Campaign Monitor API key

To update the API key in Gravity Forms, go to the WordPress Admin and navigate to FormsSettings. Then click on Campaign Monitor and replace the API key with the new one.

Campaign Monitor Settings
Updating Campaign Monitor API key in Gravity Forms

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