Campaign Monitor acquires Conversio and launches ecommerce automation tool

Campaign Monitor has turned its acquisition of Conversio into a new ecommerce email product named CM Commerce. The new service works with Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce and automates customer communication.

Campaign Monitor
Campaign Monitor announces new ecommerce email automation product.

CM Group, the company behind Campaign Monitor, has been steadily acquiring companies over the past several years. They’ve acquired Tagga, Emma, and Delivra, to name a few. The companies have either been integrated into Campaign Monitor or run as separate companies. With the recent acquisition of Conversio, they’ve taken a different route and created a new product offering for Campaign Monitor.

Conversio has been rebranded as CM Commerce and is now available as a separate product offering on Campaign Monitor’s site. CM Commerce uses a similar pricing structure as the traditional Campaign Monitor service, offering a limited number of emails for $9/mo and unlimited emails for $29/mo.

In an email sent to Campaign Monitor customers, Wellford Dillard, CEO of Campaign Monitor, assured customers that the current Campaign Monitor experience is not changing, and will continue to be the email marketing solution that works for [them].

CM Commerce features

CM Commerce integrates with three popular ecommerce platforms, Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. Once it’s connected to a supported ecommerce platform, it can automate email correspondence to help companies increase conversions, recover lost revenue, and grow their brand with its customers. The key services it provides are segmentation, recipes, and capturing reviews.

  1. Customer Segmentation – Automate email messages based on a customer’s purchase, demographic, preference, and engagement data.
  2. Email Recipes – Quickly create emails for new sign-ups, abandoned carts, upsells, and more.
  3. Customer Reviews – Automated requests for reviews and inclusion of reviews in emails.
CM Commerce Segmentation
CM Commerce supports customer segmentation to send targeted email messages.

CM Commerce competitors

CM Commerce has several competitors, which include Klaviyo, Omnisend,, Remarkety, Constant Contact, SmartrMail, and more. It will also be competing against itself. CM Group owns Emma, an ESP that provides similar ecommerce email automation services as CM Commerce.

It appears that CM Group plans to keep Campaign Monitor and Emma separate for now. Emma has an established customer base and has historically provided high-touch customer service, whereas Campaign Monitor is focused primarily on a self-service model.

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